Project: Ohio Bureau of Worker’s Compensation Fire Alarm Upgrade

Owner: Ohio Bureau of Worker’s Compensation

Year: 2014-16

Cost: $3,000,000

Project Manager: Hamid Mukhtar, PhD, PE

Scope: Star prepared drawings and specs for the Fire Alarm System Replacement, Project Number BWC-140001, at the Ohio Bureau of Workersí Compensation (BWC) William Green Building at 30 West Spring Street in Columbus, Ohio. The building is about 25 years old, has sprinklers throughout, 33 above grade stories and two basement levels with just over 981,500 gross square feet.

Fire Alarm:
The original proprietary Honeywell Fire Alarm System will be replaced with a non-proprietary system; an associated original Building Management System (BMS) will be eliminated. Door controls will also be upgraded and power supplies will be replaced. The interface with ThyssenKrupp Elevator Destination Dispatch will be maintained. Additional interfaces will be provided with Honeywell Pro-Watch Security Management for record keeping; and Johnson Controls (JCI) Metasys BMS for Smoke Control Panel fan status and to facilitate floor pressurization. Fire Alarm Panels will be located in the Mezzanine Command Center (along with a Graphics Display) and on five additional levels. Code changes now require a Smoke Control Panel and vertical wiring must be in a two-hour rated enclosure; more strobe lights were required and they had to be synchronized.

Project: Ohio Bureau of Worker’s Compensation Backup Power Generators

Owner: Ohio Bureau of Worker’s Compensation

Year: 2012

Cost: $760,000

Project Manager: Hamid Mukhtar, PhD, PE

Scope: The Emergency Back Up Power for Chillers, Project BWC-130001 added two 640 Ton Chillers to the Building Generator Emergency Power System. One Chiller and assorted pumps will operate during a power outage to provide N+1 (Tier-2) redundancy to maintain cooling for the Level 15 & 16 Data Center and I.T. equipment in the core electrical rooms. The electrical systems were evaluated to determine where to tap the emergency system, the size and location of a new Automatic Transfer Switch, and modifications required to a normal power switchboard.

Project: Northcoast Backup Power Generators

Owner: Ohio Department of Mental Health

Year: 2007

Cost: $800,000

Project Manager: Hamid Mukhtar, PhD, PE

Scope: Upgraded the essential power system for the four story McKee Hospital Building and two connected Buildings B and C. Replaced a 200 KW Generator and 400 Amp Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS) with a 480V, 600 KW Generator and 1000 Amp ATS Switchboard (which included seven transfer switches). Life Safety, General Care and Equipment branches were provided for the upgraded essential power system per NEC Article 517 (Health Care Facilities). Additional heating and ventilating loads along with the existing generator loads were divided between the three essential power branches for greater reliability.

Electrical: Provided electrical load assessment and design of essential power system utilizing a diesel powered generator with sound enclosure. Divided loads into three branches. Also consolidated utility services to maximize operations during loss of power.

Architectural/Structural: Masonry curtain walls.

Project: Clark State Community College Electrical Upgrades

Owner: Clark State Community College

Year: 2007

Cost: $13,080,000

Project Manager: Hamid Mukhtar, PhD, PE

Scope: Scope of Project: Singleñstory, 55,000 square foot college instructional facility. Included classrooms, presentation rooms, library, offices, cafÈ, and student activity areas. Some classrooms included Audio/Visual installations for the students and instructors.

Electrical: New electric service and power panels, back-up generation, uninterruptible power supplies, power distribution, interior lighting, emergency egress lighting, exterior lighting, area lighting and telecom and data system.

Fire Alarm System: Fire Alarm System including detection, notification and monitoring of fire pump and stand-by generator.

Access Control: Access control system integrating Internet access, card readers, CCTV cameras and video recorders.

Project: Camp Perry Electrical Distribution Upgrade

Owner: Ohio Army National Guard

Year: 2009

Cost: $2,000,000

Project Manager: Hamid Mukhtar, PhD, PE

Scope: Study Phase included: Evaluation of a 7200v power distribution system at Ohio Army National Guardís Facility spread over approximately 300 acres. The study entailed evaluating exterior main and feeders, service utility lines, utility poles, transformers and all other associated supporting items. Arc flash studies, use of reclosers in addition to fusing, underground verses overhead distribution options and capacity factor enhancements were evaluated. Study targeted to include the status of current distribution system as it relates to facility electrical metering meeting future planned electrical consumption demands and energy efficient improvements.

Design Phase: As a result of above study, a Program of Requirement (POR) was generated for Clients approval to fit $ 2.5 million. As a result the distribution system was upgraded from 7200 Volt Delta to 12.47 Y three Phase with a new substation. A combination of new overhead and underground distribution was implemented at the site. New smart metering was installed at all building and some buildings were provided with backup power generation capabilities.

Electrical: Electrical Power distribution system design, Area lighting and controls, Backup power generation to critical areas. Integration of Solar power generation into new system.

Project: USAF Youngstown Fire Suppression for B295, B302, and B305

Owner: USAF Youngstown

Year: 2014

Cost: $275,000

Project Manager: Hamid Mukhtar, PhD, PE

Scope: Renovation project at Youngstown Air Force Reserve in Youngstown, Ohio. The repair involved bringing the existing fire suppression systems in the buildings into compliance with Air Force ETL 98-8 Fire Protection Engineering Criteria, UFC 3-601-02 Operation and Maintenance Inspection, Testing and Maintenance of Fire Protection Systems, and NFPA 409, Standard on Aircraft Hangars.