Project: BWC Tower 5th Floor Renovation

Owner: Ohio Department of Youth Services

Year: 2011

Cost: $800,000

Project Manager: Hamid Mukhtar, PhD, PE

Scope: 5th Floor renovations for Department of Youth Services. Tenant work to include installation of new partitions, doors and side lights as well as the coordination of the installation of systems furniture to create new administrative offices suite. STAR consultants scope included Code compliance analysis, coordination of the demolition work.

This project was on an extremely restrictive time schedule which STAR Consultants provided advanced coordination with Code and Permitting agencies and ìWalk Throughî of State Agency reviews.

Work also included Fire Supressor System Upgrade.

Project: 3rd Avenue Police Station Renovation

Owner: City of Columbus

Year: 2008

Cost: $2,010,230

Project Manager: Hamid Mukhtar, PhD, PE

Scope: Architectural and Engineering Services for the interior renovation of an existing police station located on 3rd Ave, Columbus, Ohio

Architectural/Structural: Existing building was completely gutted out and redesigned. Interior design and space planning, new doors, wall and floor coverings, fire separations, ADA restrooms and new exercise room in the existing garage area.

HVAC: Complete HVAC systems design and controls.

Electrical: New secondary service, power distribution, interior lighting, lighting controls and fire alarm system.

Plumbing: New piping for domestic hot & cold water, sanitary & vent piping, fixtures & toilet partition.

Project: USAF Youngstown Logistics Readiness Squadron

Owner: USAF Youngstown

Year: 2013

Cost: $1,400,000

Project Manager: Hamid Mukhtar, PhD, PE

Scope: A complete renovation of an existing facility with an addition of approximately 3000 Sq.Ft. The additional encompassing an assembly room and a new entrance with Admin Office. The addition is to match the current building features. Overall renovation with improve the building envelope (walls roof, windows,) building finishes such as wall coverings, floor covering, Mechanical and electrical systems.

Project: USAF Youngstown CATM Building

Owner: USAF Youngstown

Year: 2015

Cost: $1,800,000

Project Manager: Hamid Mukhtar, PhD, PE

Scope: Renovate CATM by replacing electrical service/distribution systems, fire protection, communications system, ceilings, flooring, doors, lighting, HVAC, ducts, and upgrading restrooms, Bldg. 5302.

Renovations will also include an addition of an approximately 3,560 SF to CATM facility. Renovation will follow all sustainable design practices, though not a certified LEED project.

Project: OANG Joint Forces Renovations

Owner: Ohio Army National Guard

Year: 2010

Cost: $2,200,000

Project Manager: Hamid Mukhtar, PhD, PE

Scope: This project consists of adding a new, underground, secured Facility for the Joint Command Center for Ohio Army National Guard.

Architectural: ADA Compliance, Space Programming, Floor Covering/Tile, and Security Doors & Windows. All force protection requirements were met on this Facility. Specific requirements for the facility are classified and cannot be revealed due to the nature of the Facility. Force protection requirements are met according to UFC 4-010. These requirements include security doors and blast proof protections for the entire facility.

Structural/Roofing: Design of structural support system to accommodate roof top unit loads as well as 390 PSF of soil load. 40’+ flexicore roof slabs, spread and strip foundations, reinforced concrete shear walls.

LEED / Sustainable Design: This facility was required to follow LEED NC guidelines, although the facility was not required to be certified a LEED Silver compliance level was required. In order to take advantage of sitting it was determined to lower the facility to match existing basement floor level and install a sod roof.

Mechanical: New Dedicated Outside-air Air Handling Unit, Variable Refrigerant flow heat pump system. All HVAC equipment specified was energy efficient.

Electrical: New electric service, lighting, power panels, and backup power generation. New light fixtures specified were energy efficient.

Project: Horizon Science Academy Cincinnati (Design-Build)

Owner: New Plan Learning

Year: 2011

Cost: $2,060,000

Project Manager: Ali Alghothani PhD, PE

Scope: In 2007 Horizon Science Academy acquired an existing retail space (40,000 Sq. Ft.). Complete renovation/conversion of approximately 40,000 sq. ft. brick/block masonry building into a school facility (K-12). Included field survey, space programming, schematic design, design development, construction documents and estimation. Scope of work included change of group use, creating a gymnasium, science lab, computer labs, chemistry lab, physics lab, art room, music room, offices, classrooms, locker rooms, and restrooms. The scope of work, also, included mechanical and electrical system upgrades, and site development. New structured data cabling system and phone system were also major part of the scope of work.