1910 Crown Park Court Columbus, OH 43235
Columbus Public Health Building 240 Parsons HVAC Upgrade
Columbus Public Health Building 240 Parsons HVAC Upgrade

The HVAC system was renovated in 2000-2001 and has since been found with many deficiencies in its daily routine operation. A brief study was performed as to why the system is failing and was determined to be lack of air flow, inoperable VAV terminals, heating and chilled water delivery restrictions, valve and damper malfunctions, and a failing direct digital controls system. The building was not meeting the JCA and CDC requirements with too often chiller failures, an expedited backup chiller project is under construction.

Star has been chosen to renovate the HVAC system and all related complements; Design is currently underway.

City of Columbus project, in initial design analysis and meetings with ownerís operations and maintenance personnel Star engineers found that when construction in 2002 was completed there was lack of water treatment/filtrations, a number of controls were not functional and control system was not responding and no spare parts were given to Operations and Maintenance staff. STAR based on their commissioning agent experience decided to use such strength from conception of the project and developed Program of Requirements (POR) with multiple options.

As such the first component STAR did was, collect missing information that included performance of chilled water, hot water and cooling tower pumps and outside air quantities on 11 Air Handlers and 6 pumps. When measurements become available, these were used for design loads and construction that will be followed with commissioning and completion.

Project entails providing a backup chiller, replacement of existing chiller plant, new Air Handling units and a distribution system. Star performs commissioning on all their projects even if they are LEED or not by using in-house resources.